3 comments on “The Start Up

  1. Hi, just saw you advertising your blog on the forums and thought I would come check it out, seeing as I’m a huge gamer as well. Huge might not be the correct word to use.. Let’s just say I’m an addict.

    I just created my blog yesterday, so mine is fairly new, but it’s good to see a successful blog that has lasted.. It gives me hope and motivation to keep on pushing. Lol.

    • Hey man, yeah I’m a huge gamer too! I’m hoping to land a job as a game tester so I can work my way up to become a Game Producer. I just want to surround my self with games. Hey, being a gaming addict is better then being a drug addict right? lol

      Thanks for that comment. It is always good to see a successful blog, well gaming blog, last. I really hope I can last even longer. Man, i will check out your site. Better to start somewhere, though. If your an addict like me, it’s best to have a blog like this to express ourselves. Love to see what fellow gamer’s are doing.

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