2 comments on “What makes your decision into picking a game?

  1. For me its a combination of the Story & Gameplay. The graphics as far as I am concern is just a nice bonus that really doesn’t overly hurt the game. Take final fantasy 13, AMAZING graphics, meh story, and awful but unique gameplay. You have a bad game.

  2. Primarily gameplay but story has gradually become more important as I have aged. First and foremost the game has to be fun to play. Great story is icing on the cake. Graphics are nice but not the driving force although I admit that I’ve purchased a few games because they just look amazing.
    If the game isn’t fun enough to continue playing it, then I’ll never finish the story no matter how great it may be. If the story is boring but the gameplay is fun, I’ll finish the game and just skip the cut scenes or grab a drink if I can’t skip it.

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