4 comments on “Console Wars

  1. Oh man. We just had a good conversation on the forums about online gameplay. 😉

    But on a serious note, I’ve never heard of anyone saying the Wii is the best. Not starting a flame war, but the Wii cannot compare. The PS3 and the 360 can do everything the Wii can do and better with better graphics.

    When it comes to motion sensor, of course the 360 is going to win in my book because I love Kinect. No controller, I can tell my 360 what to do and it does it, etc. That sir, is what I call luxury.

    My top pick is 360, although I have all 3 consoles.

    • Yeah, I have a few games for the Wii, but the only time I pop that out is with family over lol Yeah, there’s no way Wii could compete with PS3 and 360. Unless Nintendo go back to there Dreamcast days(Boy, I LOVED the Dreamcast. The days)

      I’m thinking of getting the Move, but just so I can play Killzone 3. I want to get the Kinect. At least I want it by next year sometime. I just want to see some more games for Kinect. But there was this one cool game my cousin had for Kinect…

  2. But back on topic, it does get out of hand at times. And the times that it does get out of hand, make a note of what kind of person you’re talking to.

    The people that make it get out of hand are probably the type thats immature enough to call names and be racist on games and such. It’s ridiculous, but it’s true. Most gamers are plain ignorant.

    • THAT’S WHAT I HATE!!!!

      I’m all for console convo’s, but when the insult comes in, it get’s outta hand. It’s bad enough that people outside are calling us nerds and such, but why we have to call each other names? No what I mean?

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