2 comments on “Rage Quitters

  1. I too have experienced the rage concocted by rage quitters! On CoD I find it to be annoying but nowhere near as enraging as when it is on a more “one-to-one” based online game. My example of this is usually for sports games where online play usually pits you against another online players.

    Rage quits in this scenario are awful because they completely end the game. Thereby ruining the experience of the winner as well! On principal I never rage quit myself. Its just too bad not everyone else holds such principals dear.

  2. Ah yes, rage quitters – the problem with every online game. One game I really hate them on is Metal Gear Online.

    On Metal Gear Online, you would be playing a game like Team Sneaking and you lot will be winning and then you kill someone on the other side, poof, and they are gone. While it is the other team that this affects, it causes a balancing issue with the other team which caused the next round to suck.

    Sadly, it happens way to often.

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