2 comments on “Gaming Debate: XBL vs PSN

  1. Mr Storm, (Cool last name BTW)

    I too debated doing PSN+ but once i made the plunge i was very happy. Not only are modern games now requiring and online pass to play but you must pay the console manufacture to play too? It’s getting crazy.

    Back to Plus one word of caution. It’s like once you have it it’s hard to part with. I got mine this march. And i am already planning when i will buy it next year. The thing that sold me and also make me go hmmm is the free games. Do i realty want 2+ free full games a month on top of a mini or 2 a week? The answer is yes. Most of the time.

    Some games are dumb (to me i have odd taste in games) Others are awesome.

    Lets not over look game trials ever played a demo then bought the game to only then realize the demo had all the fun stuff? I can usually tell if i am going to like a game with in the first hour of play. Game trials are awesome way to market a game to skeptics of ” Can it really be that good?” well you get to decide.

    XBL has it’s place two pioneer of online gaming. But it’s lost it zip over the years. One of my friends calls his 360 his Ninja Blade adapter ( one of the few games he plays regularly on his 360)

    My two cents is it all has to do with price point, value and personal opinions. So i thow the ball back in your court and say. your a brave soul for trying to be in the middle Good luck to you sir!

    Opinionated Tech Dad

    • Thanks for the comment!

      Yeah, I need to spend more time on XBL. Which means playing more of my XBox games that is online.

      Like you stated, both have their pro’s and con’s. I’m really trying to stay in the middle and not be considered a “Fanboy” to any consoles.

      Thanks for the input

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