About Me

About Me

Well, I’m simple. I am a hopeful Game Designer/Producer that is going to college to earn my degree. I love games as much as the other guy do. Yes, I dabbed into trying to create a game or two, but each time my construction (The planning) of it is awful. The problem I have, is sometimes not thinking. I’ve realize a valuable lesson….I need to plan more. Now, how do this site come to mind?

Well, as I was planning I was like “Well, no one makes it in this industry like this” (Ok, maybe not LIKE that, but it’s along those lines). I love games, and love to read about them. I always offer my critique to friends. Love to discuss games to them too. Why not make a site about games? And that’s how  Joe Storm Game Expo started.

Helping others on their decision if they want the game or not. Also, I want you to read my take on some of the topics about gaming around the world. In conclusion, I want to be the site where everyone can get there news about gaming around the world.

A more in depth About Me can be found here

If you want to contact me my email is below


2 comments on “About Me

  1. Love the blog, eventually you’ll produce an a-list game. Anyway i was looking for an email to contact you at, might there be one?

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